Spring is a great time to survey your trees for potential issues and general maintenance. At this point your trees have just started to foliate so evaluating their structure and any damage from the winter is easily accomplished.

Here are some of the services that Adirondack Tree Experts offers to help your trees start the spring season right.


Begin the spring season with tree pruning by our highly trained crews led by Maryland Licensed Tree Experts. Adirondack will selectively remove branches throughout the crown and interior of your trees, using thinning cuts and removing cross-branches. Pruning in the spring can reduce the effect of spring storm damage and promote structural integrity and growth.

Deadwood Removal

Protect your trees against disease, decay, and insect infestation with deadwood removal this spring. Removing deadwood also reduces the chance of damage caused by falling limbs. Deadwood removal improves your trees’ appearance and health.

Sail Reduction

Spring provides an opportunity to get ahead of storm related issues. During spring storms, strong winds can cause the top of your trees to act like wind sails. This may lead to damage to your home and property. Sail reduction is a process of removing select branches throughout the trees crown to allow better wind penetration. This helps reduce limb stress and movement. Sail reduction maintains the natural look of your trees, minimizes wind related damage, and helps provide your home and yard with sunlight.

The spring season is the perfect time to begin preventative tree care maintenance. Contact Adirondack Tree Experts for a free estimate.