Tree Stump Removal Services in Maryland & Washington DC

Please note that Adirondack does not provide stump grinding service alone. Stumps are only ground in connection with tree removal.

Adirondack will provide a separate price to grind stumps on all trees that we remove to include pre-existing stumps that you may request to be ground. On stumps that may be in the way of underground utilities, we call Miss Utility to have them marked so that we will avoid contact with them.

Sometimes, when stump grinding, a phone line or cable line to a residence may be damaged. These lines are required to be at a depth of 24”. We have found with newer developments, these lines are laid on top of the ground after construction with sod placed on top of them to conceal them. If such a line is damaged, the utility will repair it free of charge due to the fact that they did not bury it at the required depth to begin with. When grinding a stump or stumps, we almost always have to bring the stump removal machine onto your property as well as the truck that tows the unit (unless we are using our small gate model machine). This will sometimes leave marks on the lawn. If the lawn is too wet to bring the equipment onto for stump removal, we will suggest waiting until the conditions are optimum. Once again, we do not engage in the practice of lawn repair in an effort to keep the cost low for our customers.

After stump grinding is complete, we leave the resulting grindings in the hole of the original stump. If you wish to have the grindings removed, please advise us when you schedule your work so that we may make the required arrangements. Removal of grindings can be priced separately upon request. We only grind stumps for customers who we are currently providing work for.

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