I could not begin to count the number of times in the last 25 years that I have visited a residence to find a dead tree the resident was not interested in removing. But rather, they simply inquire about trimming another healthy tree on the property while explaining that if the dead tree falls “my insurance company will pay for it”.

This statement is becoming more an exception than the rule. If you leave an obviously dead tree on your property with the thought that your insurance company will pay, you may find that not only are you responsible for the tree but for any damage that the failed tree may have caused.

If you were made aware of a dead tree by a neighbor and that tree falls and damages your neighbor’s property or worse, injures someone, it is no longer considered “an act of God” but rather a willful issue of negligence.

Trees that are dead are nothing more than very large objects that are capable of massive amounts of destruction. If you have a dead tree, give us a call. We can easily neutralize any threat to person or property.