Over the past 25 years we have removed a lot of trees and 90% of the time it is for very good reason. However, there are have been those few occasions where a homeowner will want to remove a tree simply because they end up with a few leaves in their gutters in the fall or they simply don’t like the way that a tree looks. If you have ever taken the time to read our online reviews you will see that we make a very concerted effort to steer folks away from doing this. What a lot of folks don’t know is that a single, average size tree, can absorb up to 60 pounds of Carbon Dioxide annually. A single automobile on average tallies a total of 15,000 miles annually which exudes 30 pounds of Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere. With this, our single tree is capable of removing the toxin of 2 automobiles from the air yearly. But it doesn’t end there.

In addition to removing Carbon Dioxide, our tree produces roughly 6,000 pounds of oxygen in the same period which will sustain 2 human beings with a bit to spare. As a tree ages, it tends to grow at an accelerated rate thus increasing it’s own ability to rid the atmosphere of Carbon Dioxide while at the same time increasing it’s oxygen production.

Trees provide shade for your house thus decreasing your air conditioning bill. Trees increase your property value and shield you from ultra-violet rays. Trees save water for your lawn and cut down on noise pollution. Trees provide a habitat for wildlife and they mark the seasons. And did I mention that trees rid the atmosphere of Carbon Dioxide and produce oxygen?

The bottom line is this: If there is not a specific need to remove a tree, keep it! The benefits far outweigh the negatives.