Wildlife Preservation

During the course of tree work, from time to time, we come across wildlife such as squirrels and birds. It is our policy to preserve wildlife when possible. To that end, any young or injured animals are transported by our staff to Second Chance Wildlife Center. The SCWC is housed in a historic Gaithersburg farmhouse surrounded by fields, woods, a marsh, and a stream. Several spacious flight cages, small mammal enclosures, waterfowl pens, and raccoon quarters are located on the adjacent lawns. Many recently released animals share the grounds with the permanent wild residents before moving on to establish their own niches in the surrounding fields and woods. Others are released at special sites such as nature centers and animal sanctuaries that are protected for wildlife. Adirondack Tree Experts is a member of SCWC and makes regular contributions to its continuing efforts to preserve and rehabilitate wildlife. For further information on SCWC and to make a donation please see www.scwc.org.